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Welcome to CNY archery, your source for all things archery in central NY and the surrounding area. I would like to thank George from Tollgate archery for his many years of connecting the archery community and providing us with scores and information through his website. This website Is my attempt to continue the task as George has now retired and relocated.

This website will provide the shooting schedule for the season, cancellations, local weather, Scores, benefit shoots, an archery swap sheet and more. But I can not do it without the help from the public so please click here to send me any information you want shared or communicated.

My goal is to keep everyone in the archery community informed, connected and supportive of the sport. Please help me to make that possible. Check back often and keep in touch!

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1/19/21 - 12:45pm

Well, Covid has pretty much eliminated most all indoor shoots, leagues and events. There hasn't been to much archery to report lately. However some of the local clubs did get together and pick some dates for the 3D shoots this year. I am confident that there will not be as many if any cancellations this year. I have heard back from most all of the clubs that were on the schedule, and the only club that will NOT be hosting shoots is Deerfield. Dates will be going up on the calendar soon, and I hope to have the book to the printer later this month. As of right now, the first shoot of the season is April 4th. If you do not get a copy of the book mailed to you, please send me an email, and I will put you on the list. If you requested one last year, you should already be on the list. Stay tuned for more exciting details for the 2021 3D season.

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