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Welcome to CNY archery, your source for all things archery in central NY and the surrounding area. I would like to thank George from Tollgate archery for his many years of connecting the archery community and providing us with scores and information through his website. This website Is my attempt to continue the task as George has now retired and relocated.

This website will provide the shooting schedule for the season, cancellations, local weather, Scores, benefit shoots, an archery swap sheet and more. But I can not do it without the help from the public so please click here to send me any information you want shared or communicated.

My goal is to keep everyone in the archery community informed, connected and supportive of the sport. Please help me to make that possible. Check back often and keep in touch!

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8/12/19 - 7:58am

NEW ATTENDANCE RECORD FOR 2019 was set yesterday at West Winfield!! 40 shooters attended!! That is still low compared to prior years, but 10 more then the best shoot so far! Thank You all for shooting, lets keep this trend going this weekend heading into Waterville especially since they're having their annual chicken BBQ! 3D season is winding down, and hunting season is right around the corner. There is no better time than now to get out and practice. If anyone is interested in doing some kind of a fun side bet for the rest of this year, please feel free to let me know. I would be interested!!

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